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Andrology covers the prevention, examination and treatment of male reproductive organs. While disorders and difficulties such as erectile dysfunction, fertility problems or sexually transmitted diseases are not potentially fatal, they can often cause unpleasant complications. Our clinic’s top andrologists are ready to help, with all the knowledge and state-of-the-art equipment for effective diagnosis and treatment while offering completely discreet service under all circumstances.

When to see an andrologist

Go to an andrologist if you are experiencing sexual difficulties. Even minor problems are worth noting and having them looked at by a doctor because they can signal a sexually transmitted disease caused by a bacterial infection. If neglected, any of them can escalate into severe inflammation that threatens fertility.

You can also come to us with complaints of erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation. Men experience a natural decrease in testosterone from a certain age. In some men, a decrease in testosterone levels is accompanied by “ageing male syndrome”, with a number of symptoms and effects not only in the genitals. If you notice an unpleasant decrease in sexual appetite, loss of energy and associated irritability or depression, consulting with an andrologist is definitely a good idea.

What to expect from the examination

Your doctor will first discuss your personal medical history with you along with your current difficulties. He or she will then examine you and decide what further laboratory or sonographic examinations need to be done. For some dysfunctions, the examination includes completing a specialised questionnaire.

Specialised andrological examinations may include an ultrasound penile examination induced by a vasoactive substance, a CT scan of arterial inflow to the penis, an examination of venous outflow it during erection or a spermiogram, a microscopic examination of the ejaculate.

A routine andrological examination is painless. We understand the embarrassment that can accompany male reproductive problems, and our goal is to provide you with the most sensitive approach possible while you are visiting our clinic. Only you and the attending physician are inside the doctor’s surgery at all times and absolute discretion is guaranteed.

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