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Urology covers the prevention, examination and treatment of excretory system disorders in both men and women. Whether you come to us for a preventive examination or treatment of specific urological problems, always expect high quality care. You can count on the care of the top specialists in the field and enjoy the services of our modern clinic, fitted with state-of-the-art equipment for all types of examinations and minor surgical procedures. Clients of contracted insurance companies can enjoy their initial and preventive check-ups free of charge.

When should you see an urologist?

Men should come regularly, even at a younger age when they are not experiencing any obvious difficulties. For men over 40, a preventive examination is recommended once every two years, and every year after turning 50. Prevention is important. Prostate cancer is the third most common cancer among men in the Czech Republic. Testicular cancer can even occur in very young men. Regular check-ups and an early visit to an urologist. If there are complaints, can help to detect malignant tumours and other diseases in time, significantly increasing the probability of successful treatment.

See an urologist if you have any difficulty urinating or holding your urine. Whether you are a man or a woman, if you experience frequent urination or loss of bladder control, or on the other hand not able to urinate properly, it is a sign of urological problems. So is the presence of blood in urine or ejaculate. Some urological problems may be accompanied by lower abdomen or lower back pain. Severe pain and also usually fever accompanies acute inflammation of the urinary tract, prostate, kidneys or testicles.

What to expect from your examination

First, your personal medical history will be discussed with you. Using ultrasound, we will examine your kidneys, bladder, urethra; and in men the external genitals. Your urine and blood samples will be taken and sent for a complete laboratory analysis. If you come to us with any difficulties, other specialised examinations will be accordingly selected. Our clinic also performs surgical procedures, if necessary.

A routine urological examination is painless. Whatever your reason for visiting our clinic, you can count on our highly discreet approach. Only you and the attending physician are inside the doctor’s surgery at all times, while everybody else in our clinic’s staff is specifically trained to take a sensitive approach toward clients.

We are here for you

Our surgery is open at convenient hours every weekday for you to reserve brief times. You can book your urology appointment either below or use the contact form. Our clinic can be easily reached by public transport or car and there is also an attended car park you can use at no charge during your visit. Our professional staff will be happy to see to your comfort throughout your visit.

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